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cffblog6.jpgFebruary 11, 2018 (Sunday)

I've never been to the Holy Land. I've had many opportunities to go. Back in the days of special tours being offered by many, I was invited many times to get a group together and host their trip. Not only would I have a wonderful trip, but I would actually profit materially from the experience. I never took advantage of the offer. Many of my friends have visited the Holy Land, and, without exception, each one has given glowing reports of the visit and long to go back on another tour.

The song, "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked," is a fitting testimony to the emotions that course through the very being of the person who has been there and done that. One of the first courses I took in the seminary, taught by Dr. Leslie Carlson, who was nearing the end of a very long tenure of service as professor, took me via books and pictures, from one end of the Holy Land to the other. He was professor of Biblical Archaeology and Semitic Languages from 1921-1964. Our grades for the course were based upon how well we became acquainted with the geography and culture of that wonderful land where Jesus spent his earthly life. Even though I never took a trip to see it for myself, I almost felt like I had actually been there, because, along with my classmates, I had studied it carefully.

Whenever I hear "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked," I feel as though I were there, following in the footsteps of Jesus, and drawing close to Him in my heart and soul. Here is George Beverly Shea, singing this great composition, and inviting us to walk with Jesus, followed by Danny Gaither, the great tenor. Both men are now walking with Jesus in Heaven.

And here is Danny Gaither with his beautiful tenor voice:

Carroll Roberson sings as he walks through the places named in the song:


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