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Francis H. Rowley has given the following account for the writing of the hymn, "I Will Sing the Wondrous Story:"

"I was minister of the First Baptist Church of North Adams, Massachusetts in 1886. The church and community were experiencing a period of unusual interest in religious matters, and I was assisted by a remarkable young Swiss musician by the name of Peter Bilhorn.

"One Sunday following the evening service he said, 'Why don't you write a hymn for me to set to music?' During the night these verses came to me. the song was first published by Ira Sankey in 1887."

I Will Sing the Wondrous Story
Words by Frank H. Rowley
Music by Peter Bilhorn

(1) I will sing the wondrous story
Of the Christ who died for me,
How He left His home in glory
For the cross of Calvary.

Yes, I'll sing the wondrous story
Of the Christ who died for me,
Sing it with the saints in glory
Gathered by the crystal sea.

(2) I was lost but Jesus found me,
Found the sheep that went astray,
Threw His loving arms around me,
Drew me back into His way.

(3) I was bruised but Jesus healed me,
Faint was I from many a fall;
Sight was gone, and fears possessed me,
But He freed me from them all.

(4) Days of darkness still come o'er me,
Sorrow's paths I often tread,
But the Savior still is with me,
By His hand I'm safely led.

(5) He will keep me till the river
Rolls its waters at my feet;
Then He'll bear me safely over,
Where the loved ones I shall meet.


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