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cffblog6.jpgJanuary 29, 2018 (Monday)

Connie Sawyer, known as Hollywood's oldest working actress, has died at the age of 105.

Why did I notice this obituary in the list of those who recently died? Because she continued to work from her days in vaudeville and on Broadway to her appearances on T.V. and in the movies, and she was 19 years older than I. When I read of someone living that much longer than I, then I sit up and take notice, because most of those listed in the obituaries these days are younger than I am. It's a great encouragement to learn of someone who not only lived longer, but kept on working until the end. No doubt that's one reason she lived so long.

But the real reason behind that, according to a recent study, was her contacting and interacting with other people, which was necessary as an actress. According to the study results I saw, the top two reasons people live longer are: #2, close personal relationships, and #1, interaction with others generally.

When that little old lady or little old man starts talking to you without being introduced, just mark it up to their intelligence, they know that their little conversation with you has added time to their lifespan. OK, maybe they don't know that, but, according to the person doing the study I mentioned, that's the way it works.

I've noticed that I, with my shy nature, have talked with more strangers lately. It just seems like the thing to do. Only recently I found out that it may be lengthening my days.

So I am hereby encouraging all my friends my age, don't just sit there; talk with someone. Even if they aren't listening. One of the ironies of growing old is that we have more knowledge and better understanding of life's adventures, but fewer people who want to hear us talk about it. Never mind. Talk with them. Your survival is at stake.

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Connie Sawyer


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