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cffblog6.jpgJanuary 25, 2018 (Thursday)

Do you remember the story of the fellow who went to sleep during a long sermon and fell from a high window down onto the ground? eutychus.jpgWell, it is recorded in Acts 20. He was a young man named Eutychus. Everyone ran downstairs and tried to help. The fact of the matter was that the fall had killed the young man. He was dead. The Bible tells us the rest of the story: "Paul went down, threw himself on the young man and put his arms around him. "Don't be alarmed," he said. "He's alive!" Then he went upstairs again and broke bread and ate. After talking until daylight, he left. The people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted."

This would be Paul's last trip to the area and this place, Ephesus, was near and dear to his heart. He wanted to give these people all the inspiration he could muster and he kept talking all night.

There is a long list of people who were traveling with Paul, giving us a clue about the Apostle's relationships. They wanted to be with Paul on his trip to Jerusalem. As they traveled, they continued to learn from him and be inspired by his example and knowledge.

In his letters, Paul mentions many people by name and often describes them as servants of the Lord, expressing his thanks for their service, and praising God for the help they had given him as they worked by his side.

We need each other in the work of the Lord. We find great encouragement in sharing our experiences with Christ with one another. The churches give us a tremendous opportunity to work together for the Lord and worship Him. As we pray, let us name those who are working with us and helping us as we seek to help them. What a privilege to serve the Lord together.


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