Ladies' Hats

cffblog6.jpgJanuary 16, 2018 (Tuesday)

There was a time in the not too distant past when every woman wore a hat when going out in public. This seemed to be especially important when attending church services. You can bet that in every home housing a wife and mother, there were more than one hatboxes.

Below you can see how fashion has changed through the years.




We've come a long way since the days when people wore something on their head to protect it from falling objects or extreme weather.

We don't see as many hats on the ladies as we once did. In our more casual environment, we do not attach as much importance as we once did to such things. The decision about wearing hats today rests with the individual. We should respect the choice to wear a hat or not wear a hat.

"The times they are a changing." "Go with the flow."

Remember the hats at the Ascott Opening Day in "My Fair Lady?" If you watch this, please choose "full screen" to see the hats in all their glory.


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