National Pharmacist Day

cffblog6.jpg January 12, 2018 (Friday)

Today is National Pharmacist Day. The special day honors pharmacists, and recognizes their important role in medical care. A Pharmacist must be knowledgeable of the chemistry of all medicines. They can inform you of a drug's side effects, and all aspects of prescription medicine. Very importantly, they understand and recognize the inter-action of drugs taken together...many people take numerous drugs.

National Pharmacist Day recognizes this important role. If you are in the pharmacy today, make sure to wish your pharmacist a good day. Gifts and cards are not required.


There's an old story about a preacher who never preached on any other topic than "The Gospel." His parishioners talked among themselves, expressing their desire that the pastor vary his preaching schedule and at least occasionally touch on other subjects. A task force was assembled to go to the pastor and voice their concern.

The group approached the pastor and suggested he preach on something other than the gospel all the time. He asked them what they wanted to hear. To make sure it was a different topic, they suggested to him that they would like to hear a sermon on "pills."

The next Sunday, he ascended his pulpit and said to his congregation, "Brethren, I've been asked to preach on the subject of 'pills.' Well, there are all kinds of pills. There are red pills, blue pills and yellow pills. There are large pills, small pills and tiny pills. There are many kinds of pills, Brethren, but the pill I would like to preach about today is 'The Gos-pill!'"

If you see your pharmacist today, say something nice to him or her.


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