Bringing in the Sheaves

cffblog6.jpgJanuary 5, 2018 Friday)

The hymn, "Bringing in the Sheaves" calls us to win people to faith in Christ. Words are by Knowles Shaw, 1874, and music is by George A. Minor, 1880. This is such an enjoyable hymn to sing. It has been around for almost 140 years with words and music. If you have never sung it, where have you been?

The message of this song joins those of the next two blogs in reminding us that not only can we accept God's blessings, we can do something for Him. We can serve Him. We can be His witnesses. Folks knew what "sheaves" were when the hymn was written. Not many folks are farmers these days. But the idea is great just the same.

The video below was made, believe it or not, by the Mormon Tabernacle choir. Words for us to use in singing with the choir are printed right inside the video.


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