Christmas Slowly Departs

cffblog6.jpgJanuary 2, 2018 Tuesday)

I heard a preacher say, "There's nothing as over as Christmas when it's over." Well, yes, in a way, because the presents have been exchanged and the wrappings are xmastreecan.jpgeverywhere, the big Christmas dinner has been consumed, and leftovers are dwindling, family members have packed up and, one by one, are going back to their own homes, the carols are not being played as frequently, and everyone is adjusting to a fact of life: Christmas has come and gone.

Yes, Christmas is over, but even as we anticipate happenings during the new year we have welcomed, there is still the aroma of Christmas in the air. Some carols are still being played and sung, Christmas leftovers dwindle by the day, good use is being made of the gifts that have been shared, and family members are reluctantly letting go of the joyous days recently experienced.

In a few days, all will be back to normal, with New Year's celebrations behind us. We'll be back at work or gently nestled in our usual behavior, back home where we belong, along with shouldering the responsibilities of managing a home, job and so many other duties.
But the joys of the Christmas season, with its excitement and rise above the ordinary, will stick with us for a little while, then it will be back to the place where Christmas is a distant dream, many months away.

With some exceptions, Christmas time was a happy time for those who love it. For a while, we turned our thoughts toward those less fortunate than ourselves, and shared what we had with them.

But we need to look around. The needs are everywhere. Especially in this disaster-stricken area. People are still hurting, confused, somewhat lost from their true selves, and so very grateful for every kind word or deed that comes their way. What we might call, "the spirit of Christmas," with emphasis upon giving, is still with us.

Opportunities to help others abound, and we will never run out of them. Along with our prayers for God's help, let us pray that God will use us to help others so that their prayers may be answered too. This is a song about loving someone. Romantic love seems to be the idea, but it can apply to us as we identify with those in distress these days.


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