Two Weeks Notice

cffblog6.jpgDecember 11, 2017 (Monday)

Two weeks notice is usually considered fair when offering one's resignation.

Two weeks notice is given to an employee if he/she is being terminated, although immediate firing is more often the case.

Two weeks notice is what we are given today by our calendars: two weeks until Christmas Day. "Already?" some will say. "That long?" complain many children.

Yep, two weeks from today is the big day, December 25.


Some will attend to last minute shopping, others will hurry to get the annual cards in the mail, although most people who send cards have already done that.

In fact, if we start Wednesday, we can have "The Twelve Days of Christmas" if we like. Hope you have a "true love," that the song tells about.

Those of us in our eighties have lost the wide-eyed breathless expectations and excitement of exchanging gifts we had in our childhood. After all, we've seen quite a few Christmases. If I get to see the one in two weeks, my total of Christmases will be 86.

It's not too early to think about the birth of Jesus Christ. In fact (as many say) He is the "Reason for the Season."


Any way, Merry Christmas, and may you find a reason to rejoice in the Lord each day for the next two weeks. And thereafter.

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