What Do You Believe?

cffblog6.jpgOctober 23, 2017 (Monday)

Millions of people around the world believe that the stars in the sky control our destinies. Daily news papers and other publications routinely publish horoscopes, advising the readers to pay close attention to the constellations because what goes on "up yonder" affects what happens to us "down here."


For most of its history, the earth has provided a spectacular view of the heavens at night. With the invasion of many light sources, the night sky has faded from view, especially in the cities. This spectacular night sky captured the attention of us earthlings and we began to group the stars and gave each group a name, like Taurus or Libra. You see, we connected the dots of those groups and they looked like animals, etc. to us. Of course, it was all an illusion, because the stars were so far away they only seemed to be grouped together even though they were millions of miles apart. As time went on, the astrologers developed a complex system of following the "signs in the sky," so that today many people cannot begin the day without knowing what their horoscope says. I met someone not long ago who immediately asked me about my "sign," and then revealed theirs, before launching into a speech about the Zodiac.

If you are a Christian, then fooling around with the horoscopes may provide a little fun and entertainment, but if you sincerely believe that the constellations determine your state of mind and ability to cope with life events, then you've decided to swap gods.

As believers, we believe in God as creator and sustainer of life. We pray because we believe God hears us and answers our prayers. We believe the Holy Spirit lives within us and gives us comfort and hope, guiding us along life's pathways. There should be absolutely no room whatsoever for superstition or misguided beliefs. Our faith is real because our Lord is real. Your time will be spent in a much better way each morning if you dump the horoscope and read the Bible.

In the meantime, "the heavens delcare the glory of God, and the earth shows forth his handiwork."


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