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cffblog6.jpgOctober 16, 2017 (Monday)

wdgcake.jpgToday I will conduct a wedding ceremony for a friend employed at a local restaurant. The wedding will be held in the restaurant, which is closed today.

On Saturday, I will conduct another wedding. This one will be for my grandson, Alex Hamm and his lovely bride Sarah Portman. It will be held in Houston.

These two joyous occasions will be followed by a sad day next Monday morning, when a memorial service will be held for my grandnephew, Taylor Pausewang, only 39 years old. The service will be held in Sugarland. Thank you for praying for the family.

On Wednesday evening I will present the Bible Study at Bethel Baptist Church, Ingleside. The subject is Psalm 58. Next Sunday I will still be in Houston, and Brother Dale Pogue will preach at the Ingleside church.

The events described above are quite normal and may take place at any time. The difference is the stressful time in which we have been living for two months. Each time I drive down the streets in Rockport, I pass huge piles of debris, dead trees and brush. Every day trucks with two trailers haul away the stuff made useless by Hurricane Harvey. Many are still homeless. Others have no jobs awaiting them any more. Many people are
still working hard to get things back to more nearly normal. We don't have to talk with folks very long before the stress through which they are living comes through. Let us pray for one another.


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