The Old Time Religion

cffblog6.jpgOctober 15, 2017 (Sunday)

Perhaps you remember the 1941 movie, "Sergeant York." If so, you may also recall the scene that features the hymn for today, "The Old Time Religion:"

Charles Davis Tillman was born shortly after the end of the Civil War, to a Methodist Minister and his wife. As a young adult he struggled to make his way in the world. After committing his life to Christ, he spent his life working for the Savior.

One day while passing the fields of South Carolina, he heard the former slaves in a moment of worship as they chanted a tune, Give Me That Old Time Religion. He jotted down the words and melody the group was singing. The song was published in 1873.

Wikipedia states " the song had incalculable influence on the confluence of black spiritual and white gospel song traditions in forming the genre now known as southern gospel. "

In a mood to hear other artists sing their versions? Click here, and pick any you may like.


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