Fall Solstice Today

cffblog6.jpgSeptember 22, 2017 (Friday)

The Fall Solstice takes place today at 3:02 p.m. This is the first day of the fall season.

Throughout the northeast the countryside glows with the fall foliage's red, yellow, orange and other colors.


Here in Rockport we have lost many trees to the recent hurricane's fierce winds, and remaining trees have had their leaves blown away, but the leaves of some trees are persistently attempting to be seen. They are green.

Next Wednesday marks 20 years since Wanda and I flew to New England with plane tickets paid for by our son, David. We rented a car in Providence, drove to Boston, and then through New Hampshire, to Vermont and on to New York, coming back to Maryland for the flight home. It was ten days of pure enjoyment as we viewed the foliage and visited historical as well as vacation spots.

I suppose one could say it was like a honeymoon. Actually, it was much longer than our real honeymoon after our October 3 wedding in 1953, 64 years ago. We went to Turner Falls, Oklahoma, and the stay was brief before we returned to Cleburne, Texas, school and jobs.

Ah, yes, the fall of 1997 and the trip with Wanda is one of my favorite memories.


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