National Different Colored Eyes Day

cffblog6.jpgJuly 12, 2017 (Wednesday)

From the "National Day Calendar:"

National Different Colored Eyes Day is observed annually on July 12th. There are many people out there that have two different colored eyes, and this is their day to celebrate!

Having two different colored eyes is a condition called Heterochromia.
Most cases of heterochromia are hereditary, caused by a disease or syndrome or due to an injury. It is possible that just one eye may change color following certain diseases or injuries.

A few celebrities are known to have two different colored eyes include David Bowie, Christopher Walken, Dan Aykroyd, Jane Seymour and Mila Kunis.


tunaeyes.jpgSome years ago we had a totally white cat named "Tuna" that had eyes of different colors and she was totally deaf. Deaf white cats are domestic cats with a pure white coat and are known as "odd-eyed" cats. A 1997 study of white cats with hearing problems found 72% of them to be totally deaf, like ours. She was a sweet cat. If I remember correctly, she made no sounds. Dwight found her as a kitten in the middle of the highway and rescued her. We all loved that cat.

Crystal Gayle had a hit song about making brown eyes blue, but that's a different story altogether, isn't it?

I remember a young lady in the pharmacy of a hospital who filled my prescription. I remember her because of her brilliantly green eyes. She must have been wearing opaque contact lenses, the kind used in the movies by the actors. I can see her now in my mind's eye, the greenest eyes I had ever seen. Almost spooky. Reminds me of the song, "Green Eyes," popular decades ago: "I fear that they will ever haunt me, all through my life they'll taunt me.."

If someone is reading this who has different colored eyes, this day is for you.


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