National Fried Chicken Day

cffblog6.jpgJuly 6, 2017 (Thursday)

As far back as I can remember, I have loved fried chicken. Whether it is home cooked, done by Kentucky Colonel Sanders, New Orleans style from Popeye's, brought home from Church's, or fried in one of the many other chicken outlets or restaurants, it is all good.


They say the folks from Scotland brought it over here and introduced it to the South.

Steak is good, but wouldn't you know we figured out a way to cook it so that the only proper name for it is "chicken-fried." Nowadays that name has drifted over to other delicacies so that it's easy to order "chicken-fried chicken."

Of course, fried is only one of the ways chicken can be prepared. A book could probably be filled with chicken recipes of many kinds. Americans eat millions of chickens every day and it comes to them as salad in a plate, salad on a sandwich, fried, grilled, barbecued, smoked, sauteed, stuffed, boiled, spicy, mild, and on we could go, having only scratched the surface of the many ways chicken makes it to our tables.

But, none of those methods has produced anything as popular throughout the entire population as FRIED CHICKEN. No wonder we have a special day for it every year.
And when you thank the Lord for your blessings, don't forget to thank Him for the many meals you have had that featured fried chicken.


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