Nailed to the Cross

CFFBLOG1.jpgJune 11, 2017 (Sunday)

The hymn today is, "Nailed to the Cross," with us since 1899. Carrie Elizabeth Ellis Breck (1855-1934), author of the lyrics, was wife and mother to 5 daughters. She often needed rest, so would sit and write poetry. She had no musical abilities, but had great poetic sense, and was a devoted follower of Jesus. She wrote over 2000 poems, many of them set to music. Among her well-known published hymns are: FACE TO FACE WITH CHRIST, MY SAVIOR and WHEN LOVE SHINES IN. The music for Nailed to the Cross was written by Grant C. Tullar. (Text from "You Tube").

Words Carrie E. Breck
Music Grant C. Tullar

They are nailed to the cross! They are nailed to the cross!
Oh, how much He was willing to bear!
With what anguish and loss Jesus went to the cross,
But He carried my sins with Him there.

There was One Who was willing to die in my stead,
That a soul so unworthy might live;
And the path to the cross He was willing to tread,
All the sins of my life to forgive.

He is tender and loving and patient with me,
While He cleanses my heart of the dross;
But "there's no condemnation"--I know I am free,
For my sins are all nailed to the cross.

I will cling to my Savior and never depart,
I will joyfully journey each day,
With a song on my lips and a song in my heart,
That my sins have been taken away.


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