Refuge and Protection

cffblog6.jpgJune 8, 2017 (Thursday)

Yesterday's blog was about Psalm 46 and says God is our refuge.

I recall a lady at Kosse who had moved to Evant, Texas with her husband and years later returned to Kosse after his passing. She told Wanda and me about her husband's desire to live there. After several serious discussions about the move, she told him she would move to Evant and the house he was building there on one condition: he must build a storm cellar. She had heard about tornadoes being common in that area at that time, and she absolutely and flatly refused to move to the new house at Evant unless he built a storm cellar there. Well, he moved, built the house, and when he saw she was serious about not moving unless her condition was met, he finally capitulated and built the storm cellar. Before she could make the move, a tornado hit Evant. The husband called to report, and told her the storm had destroyed their new home. Her reply: "Did you go to the cellar?" Well, yes, he did.

Storm Cellar Scene in Wizard of Oz Movie

Reminds me of the words of a great old song I quoted not very long ago in this blog:

Where could I go oh where could I go,
Seeking a refuge for my soul,
Needing a friend to save me in the end,
Where could I go but to the Lord?


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