He The Pearly Gates Will Open

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Robert Cottrill (Wordwise Hymns) wrote, "With his sentence fully served, Fredrick A. Blom was released. When the prison gates clanged shut behind him, he felt the delivering power of God in a special way. It brought to his mind some gates of another kind. He rejoiced that not only was he no longer locked away as a prisoner, but he was assured of a welcome one day at the pearly gates of the heavenly city. With that thought in mind Frederick Blom wrote a hymn he called Because of the Blood. We know it by the opening phrase of the chorus."

Before we were married, Wanda and I used to love spending time together with music. I would sing, and she would play. This was one of her favorite songs for me to sing. We would also sing other songs together as a duet. She would occasionally sing a solo. As a married couple, we sang duets and solos for nearly 50 years, with her playing the piano when I sang solo. As I recall, she really enjoyed this song.

Words: Fredrick A. Blom, 1917; trans­lat­ed from Swed­ish to Eng­lish by Nathaniel Carlson, cir­ca 1935.
Music: Al­fred O. Duh­lin, ar­ranged by El­sie R. Ahl­wen, 1930
"The twelve gates were twelve pearls." Revelation 21:21

He the pearly gates will open,
So that I may enter in;
For He purchased my redemption
And forgave me all my sin.

Love divine, so great and wondrous,
Deep and mighty, pure, sublime!
Coming from the heart of Jesus,
Just the same through tests of time.

Like a dove when hunted, frightened,
As a wounded fawn was I;
Brokenhearted, yet He healed me,
He will heed the sinner's cry.

Love divine, so great and wondrous,
All my sins He then forgave!
I will sing His praise forever,
For His blood, His power to save.

In life's eventide, at twilight,
At His door I'll knock and wait;
By the precious love of Jesus
I shall enter Heaven's gate.

Click here to hear, "He The Pearly Gates Will Open"


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